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I love this guys narration, just hilarious. lots of cheesy puns and clever jokes, a good caricature of cliche gumshoe detectives. I like the use of colors later on in the video. overall, just hilarious.

danmarkowitz responds:

Thanks a lot!

Hey, pretty good. Awesome, very, for a lack of a better term, animated style. Nice and bouncy, very fluid and really well made. I also enjoyed alot of the jokes. Overall great animation.

You know what? Yeah. Yeah, thats basically it. Especially the heart attack bit. Fun fact, im actually dead right now, but luckily I found a pheonix down and im no longer dead.

Also, nice art.

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I absolutely love this games satire and theme. The game is charmingly funny and great.
Excellent sound design mixes with great themes.
The game is also surprisingly challenging and fun with plenty of variation and clear goals. The objective is simple but the various obstacles make each level genuinely fun.
I'm surprised to say that for a doughnut eating game I was actually interested to see what was in the next level.
Good job man.

iojoe responds:

Thanks sweet21! So pleased you liked it :D

Decent space shooter. I like narrative of 'hes just bad, go get him' it gives the game some personality but it ends there unfortunately. The game itself is decent. The game looks alright, and the music fits it well. However I've never been a fan of auto fire and the ship moves painfully slow, even with upgraded movement speed.
I did have fun with it but there are so many others like it this just felt somewhat generic.

Abit buggy but still fun to use.
One main bug is that say if I used surprised eyes for one frame of animation and then later need to use unamused eyes both sets of eyes exist at the same time, for some unsightly facial expressions.

Also there is no way to save work in progress, you either finish it there or scrap it, you cant save it and come back to it later.

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Have I mentioned how much I love this? Mmm such nice smooooooooth jazz. Really nice, relaxing rhythm and sweet variety. First the sax, then the piano jumps in, meanwhile the drums keep on going, hittin' the hat, hittin' the hat, great. Keeps a consistent mood. Sax comes back with a new melody, just great. Excellent piece.

Mm, this sounds funkaaaaay. Nice piano and bass.

Step responds:

Why thank you :3.

Sounds cool. It loops rather well. Nice.

Step responds:

Thanks :3.

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I was expecting it to move. -5 points. It looks good, positive 4 points. If you add bacon i'll give you another point. Good work.

Too empty, it feels like an incomplete piece. Theres more I can say you COULD have done that I can say you actually did. What you did do was draw a face and an alien turtle thing. What you could have done was add a body, a setting, a mood, colors, and general atmosphere. You look like you have skill but I can't really see it here.

Ba-Yo responds:

Appreciate the criticism.

I rather like it, so nice detailed....unfortunately he looks very clean. He's covered in dirt and blood but he doesn't feel rugged in any sense, and I point to thee! SMOOTHNESS! His skin looks really really smooth, smoother than a rock you find at the beach. In fact, so does everything else. Everything has very high gloss and shine, it works the exact opposite effect intended.

You get points for good looking clothes and otherwise accurate anatomy...And dat hair.

ScaredyDave responds:

I agree with this and have fixed it! Thanks so much for the great critique, its definitely helped improve some of my later work as well!

I wanna make video games! Yeah!

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