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Am I overstretching myself?

2015-06-15 03:46:10 by sweet21

Sometimes I feel like im trying to do too many things at once, creatively anyway. My ultimate goal is to create video games. I have always wanted to make games, but I also wanted to make monsters and characters and stuff. I had a character in my head so I try to draw them. Then I wanted to learn how to make music after hearing too many game OST's and thinking to myself, "man this is so good, I wanna make music too" so I took music theory and piano classes.

  • I want to make the game
  • I want to make the art
  • I want to make the music

And I think im ruining myself by trying to do everything. Im not really focusing on one subject. I feel like the onion knight from final fantasy. I can do everything, I can perform every spell, weild every just not very good at it. But with enough level grinding i'll eventually master all the skills and perform 999 damage to whatever I see. I have the creative drive, and I know what im doing in all three subjects (at least I think so) but it will take longer than I hope for my talents to come to fruition.

When they eventually do though, I will be a threat to be reckoned with. I mean who else designs the game, characters, and music? The only man that comes to mind is Daisuke Ishiwatari. Hot damn Daisuke sama, you're so cool! Hey, we both voice act too....Hmmmm

Is Daisuke Ishiwatari my SPIRIT ANIMAL?! I even kind of look like him....HNG! His hair is so sick.

Lets take a moment to appreaciate one of his games, lets listen to some fucking GUILTY GEAR, SON!



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2015-06-15 05:09:59

Heavy Rain was a good song on XRD., also yeah dude focusing on all 3 is gonna kill your enthusiasm. Game development is usually a team effort. If you're looking for a team I'm looking for a project to compose for.

sweet21 responds:

All I do is fuck with unity for now. I dont program very well, not enough to make something competent...of course that may be what newgrounds is for?


2015-06-15 15:55:43

Doing everything is pretty doable! I agree with Sonik though, games are usually done in groups. I have a group of people I can rely on if I have music/voice/art needs cause I like what they make, but I usually end up doing it on my own. I would suggest if you plan on going solo on this, don't stretch yourself thin. If you feel uninterested at any point, take a break and come back to it. It'll be a slower process but it'll all be you ^^