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Watch me learn and grow and junk.

2013-02-22 16:04:34 by sweet21

My art thread.
On a very important side note my favorite fighting game and easily one of my top 10 games ever made; thats right, Skullgirls raised a crap ton of money in an indiegogo campaign. The game will receive 5 new characters, 7 new stages, and a bunch of voice packs, you can go ahead and look at the list on this page if you want specific rewards, all free.

Now comes voting. The catch for the third and fourth character in the indiegogo campaign is the fans get to vote who they are. This is available only to donors however. Rules and a list of characters along with ideas for the characters and how they will function in game is riiiiiight Here. If you contributed vote! You'll get an E mail supposedly.

Edit: Round 1 of voting! I voted for Feng, Issac, Scythana, and Hive!


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2013-02-22 17:01:49

You are actually really good!

sweet21 responds:

Thanks lad!


2013-02-22 17:33:38

friggin woolie

sweet21 responds:

I love that guy.


2013-02-23 14:04:30


sweet21 responds:

I guess.


2013-04-15 20:35:11

I watched "DOG" back when it would repeat...before it was cool!

sweet21 responds:

It will always be cool.