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Be careful guys

2012-10-01 22:19:17 by sweet21

Think before you post online, because whatever you post stays there FOREVER. I mean, what would your boss say if he saw that picture of your dick you posted? Of that video of you beheading your pet hamster Jonah? Or if those nudies of yourself end up on the projector screen at your high school reunion.


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2012-10-01 23:08:38

Lol, this has nothing to do with this but here's mii new account! :D xXRedNinjaXx


2012-10-08 21:34:43

But I want my boss to see my dick?

sweet21 responds:

You dont have a dick....


2012-10-09 21:06:45

sexy no? I wouldn't think so

sweet21 responds:

I have trouble figuring out what you aimed that at.


2012-10-10 17:20:53

dude, when I get a job, I gotta remind myself to tell a admin to delete some post.


2013-01-06 19:03:33

jontron is just okay hmm?